Find an Apprentice With Our New Website

My wife and I recently launched a website It came about through difficulties I experienced in the past when it came to finding an apprentice. Apprentice Match allows employers to list a job and allows candidates to create an online profile to apply for jobs as well as browse our job board which lists apprenticeship vacancies from other websites. It's specifically just for apprenticeships Australia-wide and has been carefully designed to minimise the time spent creating a job ad. There are pre-filled options where employers can select a trade, the year level of the apprenticeship as well as any requirements such as a drivers licence, white card etc.

Once candidates have created an online profile, they'll be notified of any vacancies that match what they're looking for. Employers will receive a link to the profile so rather than opening hundreds of attachments (resumes and cover letters), they'll view all the relevant information when they click on the link to the candidate's online profile.

For more information or to post an apprenticeship vacancy or browse apprenticeship vacancies, go to


Nowra Electricians Blog: How to Hang Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting has become a very popular trend these days and appear in many magazines as stand-out pieces. Here are some tips on hanging pendant lights:

  • When hanging pendant lights over a dining table, you should allow around 70-80cm so that's enough room underneath without the lighting quality being sacrificed.
  • Installing a dimmer switch allows you to switch to softer lighting when dining and brighter lighting when required.
  • If you have a long dining table, consider having multiple pendant lights installed.
  • Hallways can often look quite empty and dull. Pendant lights are a great way to add a nice design feature.
  • Consider using pendant lights instead of bedside lamps. They look great hanging over bedside tables, are cord-free and add beautiful ambient lighting to your bedroom.
  • Pendant lights are also great in the bathroom. If they don't provide enough light, you could always install downlights.

With any pendant light installations, you'll need to take into consideration any windows and doors that open into the space so as to ensure adequate clearance height.

For all your lighting installation needs and for any other electrical jobs, contact your local Nowra Electrician Michael on 0433 363 675.


Nowra Electricians Blog: Ceiling Fan Installations

Never underestimate the power of a ceiling fan! Power Source Electrics install hundreds of ceiling fans when coming into the warmer months. Ceiling fans can make a huge difference in the temperatures of your living areas or bedrooms. They also use a small amount of electricity so are definitely a more economical option than air conditioners.

Here are some tips when looking at ceiling fan installation:

  • Determine where the ceiling fan is going to be installed. Usually they are placed in the centre of a room and will replace an existing light fixture. If there isn't a fixture to replace, a new circuit will need to be installed.
  • You need to take into account blade clearance. Most fans will sit 7-10 inches below the ceiling.
  • Something you would have read in our previous blogs - always read the manufacturer's instructions!
  • Check that the junction box is going to be strong enough to carry the weight of the ceiling fan

If you require ceiling fan installations, please call your local Nowra Electrician Michael on 0433 363 675.


Nowra Electricians Blog: Tips For Choosing Suitable Lighting For Your Home

With so many different lighting options, it can be daunting trying to choose the perfect lighting to suit your home. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect lighting:

  • Warm lights are better suited to rooms with wooden floors or warm coloured flooring.
  • Cool white lights are better suited to lighter coloured flooring.
  • LED strip lighting is the new thing! We have installed LED strip lights in many kitchens and even in outdoor areas. They come in a variety of colours and vary in brightness. When used in kitchens, they are generally hidden to produce a nice soft glow. When used outdoors, they are usually mounted to give crisp, bright light.
  • Use different coloured lights to light up features. 
  • Most people think that you're best off using a super bright light for internal rooms. However, you're better off using more lights that produce less harsh light.

For all your lighting installation needs or any other electrical needs, call your local Nowra Electrician Michael on 0433 363 675.

Bomaderry Electricians Blog: Why Circuit Breakers Trip

Circuit breakers are very important components in electrical circuits as they stop the flow of current within a circuit as a safety measure. If an electrical circuit doesn't have a circuit breaker and it overheats or is overloaded, the circuit could get damaged and could cause a fire.

It can be quite alarming when a circuit breaker trips so it is good to know what causes them to trip. Here are the 3 most common causes of circuit breaker trips.


This is the most common cause of circuit breaker trips. It happens when the circuit is receiving more electrical energy than it can handle. For example, it may occur when too many heavy applicants are connected to one circuit. A simple solution for this problem would be to redistribute the power to other circuits.

Short Circuit

A short circuit occurs when any live wire touches another live/neutral wire. As you can imagine, this is a serious, dangerous issue and needs to be diagnosed and fixed quickly. Look for signs of burning in the insulation and call Power Source Electrics on 0433 363 675 immediately.

Ground Fault

If it isn't an overload or short circuit that caused the circuit breaker to trip, it could be that a hot wire has touched the ground wire or the metal outlet box.

For circuit breaker trip faults or for any other electrical needs, call your local Bomaderry electrician Michael on 0433 363 675.


Baulkham Hills Electricians Blog: Tips For Maintaining Your Hot Water Heater

Many people believe that once a hot water heater system is installed, there's no maintenance required and it can just be left alone to do its job. However, an old hot water heater can be a hazard if it does not receive proper maintenance. 


It's a good idea to have a licensed Electrician check on your hot water heater if you're going on an extended holiday to ensure it does not overheat and cause fire damage.


Do not store items near the hot water heater as this can cause a fire.


The hot water heater should be set at a temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius. It is best to check though as this can depend on your model.

Blow down valve

Blow down valves help protect the tank clogging up due to hard water salts. It is usually found at the bottom of the heater.

Safety relief valve

The safety relief valve is normally found at the top of the heater and allows any extra pressure to escape, which helps prevent the heater from exploding.

It is always best to check the instructions for your model because sometimes the blow down valve and safety relief valve are both at the bottom of the heater.

If you are having problems with your hot water heater and require hot water heater repairs or maintenance, give your local Baulkham Hills Electrician Michael a call on 0433 363 675.

Winston Hills Electricians Blog: Changing a Power Point

While we stress the importance of having your electrical work done by our licensed Winston Hills Electricians, we believe it's beneficial that you understand some of the basics so that you can feel more confident that any electrical work you have done is being done correctly.

Installing or replacing a power point

The standard power point in Sydney is a 3 pin earthed outlet rated at 10 amps with a 240 volt plug and socket system. It should have three thin wires which must be stripped to expose their copper section.Once stripped, insert each wire into its corresponding contact point. The active wire is either brown or red. As you insert the active wire, be sure to hold it steady as you tighten the screw. Be careful not to over-tighten it as you could damage the wire. You'll need to repeat the process for the neutral wire, which is black or blue. The earth wire is yellow or green and should be done last.

Take out the screw from the main cable holder. There is usually a small plastic piece holding the cable in place. Swing this plastic piece open and put the wire in the holder. Now close the plastic piece and replace the screw.

Any outdated or worn out power points should be replaced because they are a fire hazard. If you require power points to be replaced or installed, contact your local Hills District Electrician Michael on 0433 363 675.


Hills District Electricians Blog: Data and Security Services

Our Hills District Electricians have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to providing data and security services. We provide high quality wiring for your home or business. We cater to all your data requirements and use the latest technologies such as Fibre optics, CAT5, CAT6 and Coaxial networks including Wi-Fi and LAN.

We can also assist you if you require complete phone rewiring or another phone extension. Whatever the job is, we'll ensure we provide the perfect solution.

Data and security services we provide include:

Data Cabling

  • Installation of data cabling adhering to the Australian Standard AS/ACIF S009:2006
  • If you have a large server room, we can provide advanced cable management services

Communications Systems

  • Installation and maintenance of communications systems
  • System design
  • Handset allocation and system programming

Fibre Optic

  • Testing fibre optic cabling
  • Terminations and splicing of fibre optic cabling
  • Patching services using Fibre Optic

Data and Networking

  • Installation and maintenance of data networks
  • Installation and maintenance of data and communications equipment
  • Testing logs for data cabling

Security Services

Our Hills District Electricians have an excellent understanding when it comes to home or business security. 

Our security services include:

CCTV Systems

  • Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems allowing you to instantly view and playback the contents

Security Alarms

  • Installation and maintenance of security alarms

Access Control

  • Installation and maintenance of access control systems such as finger print and card reader technology

For more information on the data and security services we provide, please give Michael a call on 0433 363 675.

Save Money by using Energy Star Rated Appliances

Did you know that appliances can account for up to 30% of your home energy use? This is why choosing the right appliance can drastically reduce your electricity bills.

An energy star rated appliance has the energy star symbol. It's a government-backed symbol which helps consumers identify and buy energy-efficient appliances. Energy star rated appliances are usually 10-20 percent more energy efficient than non-star rated appliances. Consumers will not only save money but also help protect the environment.

Tips of buying and using home appliances

  • When looking at purchasing a new applicant, take into account the energy use as well as the purchase price and the product features. 
  • Look into whether there are any rebates available.
  • The position of the appliance may affect how much energy is being used. For example,  if your fridge is next to your oven, it'll have to work harder to maintain it's cold temperature.
  • Read through the manufacturer's instructions to learn how to maintain your appliance and keep it in good working order.
  • Switch your appliances off at the wall when you aren't using them. Most computers and home entertainment equipment have a standby mode so that you can turn them on quickly. However, standby mode can use a lot of energy so it's best to switch them off at the wall when you're not using them.

If you require installation or maintenance of appliances, contact Michael on 0433 363 675.






What are the Benefits of Security Lighting?

Today, security lighting is more cost-efficient then ever with the availability of LED lighting.  In terms of home protection and defence, security lighting is considered to be one of the most effective methods. There are many different types of security lights available to help protect your home against intruders so you are sure to find the ideal security lighting to suit your budget.

So what are the benefits of security lighting?

  • Peace of mind. You can be out and have some peace of mind knowing that if an intruder was trying to break in, the security lights could scare them off and they could be seen by your neighbours.
  • Security lights are convenient. When you come home at night, the lights will make it easier for you to see what you're doing and your visitors will be appreciative of the lit pathway to the front door.
  • Security lights are cost-efficient. They're not on all day. They will only turn on when someone is in your yard.
  • Security lights may help clear your yard of pests such as rabbits.

If you're interested in installing security lights and protecting your home against burglary, give Michael a call on 0433 363 675.

Here are a couple of images of a recent security light installation completed by Power Source Electrics in the Hills District.


The Different Types of Smoke Alarms

Power Source Electrics completes several smoke alarm installations each week and we are often asked about the different types of smoke alarms. As we're coming up to Winter, increased heater usage means an increase in electrical fires. 

Getting a smoke alarm installed is the first step towards protecting your family and home.

Here are some of the different types of smoke alarms. The NSW Fire Service actually recommends using different types of smoke alarms throughout your home as they all work a little differently so this would give you the best chance at being protected.

Carbon Monoxide Smoke Alarms

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that is often emitted by faulty gas heathers. It's silent and odourless and can cause a person to become unconscious very quickly. Carbon Monoxide alarms monitor carbon monoxide levels.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric Alarms detect particles of combustion visually. It is recommended that they are installed between sleeping areas and exists to common areas or open air as they react to a wide range of smoke heavy fires, the type usually caused by the burning of mattresses or overheated PVC wiring.

Strobe and Vibrating Smoke Alarms

These smoke alarms contain a strobe light and vibrating pad and are recommended for people who are deaf or have problems hearing well. The pad is placed under a pillow and when the smoke alarm sounds, the pad will vibrate.

It is a good idea to have all of your smoke alarms linked together. This can be done through a wireless alarm network installation or connecting hard-wired alarms through adapters.

If you require smoke alarm installation, please contact Michael from Power Source Electrics on 0433 363 675.


When to Upgrade your Switchboard

If you have a switchboard that hasn't been upgraded since the year 2000, then your switchboard most likely doesn't have a safety switch which is the most important part of switchboards. Not only that, but in general your switchboard would need to be upgraded to be able to handle the volume and power needs of today's modern appliances and technology.

So how do you know if you need a switchboard upgrade?

Some of the first signs of requiring a switchboard upgrade include:

  • flickering lights
  • short circuits
  • power tripping
  • no safety switch

The importance of a switchboard safety switch

A safety switch also known as a residual current device (RCD) monitors the power flowing in and out of the wires and is a requirement in all new switchboard installations. It's identified by the 'T' symbol button. It is recommended that this button is pushed to make sure the switch trips off. If there is an electrical fault, the power will be turned off within 0.03 of a second. As you can image, safety switches have saved many lives.

Previously, circuit breakers were used to save money and meet minimum standards. However, since regulations have changed, safety switches must be used to protect all power circuits and lighting circuits.

If you have an original ceramic fuse box or are experiencing any of the above issues, then please give us a call today so we can inspect your switchboard and advise you if you need a switchboard upgrade. Phone Michael on 0433 363 675.


What are the benefits of LED lighting?

LED lights are the latest in lighting technology so we've been super busy replacing halogen and standard lights with LED lights. So what are the benefits?

  • LED lights are environmentally friendly. They don't contain mercury or any other harmful gases and they produce close to no UV emissions. 
  • LED lights are safe. Because they operate at a low voltage, they're cool to touch. They can even be exposed to rain and snow.
  • LED lights are energy efficient. They provide up to 85% of the light output and use only 15% of the energy compared to a standard halogen.
  • LED lights are durable. There's less risk of them breaking and needing to be replaced due to them not having filaments.
  • LED lights can fit into small and hard to reach places as they can be as small as 2mm.
  • LED lights can last up to 8-10 times longer than standard halogen lights. They have a life span of up to 80,000 hours.
  • LED lights are fast switching. When you turn them on, they'll start at full brightness. Standard fluorescent lights flicker or fade in and out. LED lights can be dimmed and can be used to achieve fantastic lighting effects. They can also be switched on and off frequently without the LED's light emission or lifetime being affected.

Here are some photos of a recent job completed by Power Source Electrics in Baulkham Hills, Sydney.