Bomaderry Electricians Blog: Why Circuit Breakers Trip

Circuit breakers are very important components in electrical circuits as they stop the flow of current within a circuit as a safety measure. If an electrical circuit doesn't have a circuit breaker and it overheats or is overloaded, the circuit could get damaged and could cause a fire.

It can be quite alarming when a circuit breaker trips so it is good to know what causes them to trip. Here are the 3 most common causes of circuit breaker trips.


This is the most common cause of circuit breaker trips. It happens when the circuit is receiving more electrical energy than it can handle. For example, it may occur when too many heavy applicants are connected to one circuit. A simple solution for this problem would be to redistribute the power to other circuits.

Short Circuit

A short circuit occurs when any live wire touches another live/neutral wire. As you can imagine, this is a serious, dangerous issue and needs to be diagnosed and fixed quickly. Look for signs of burning in the insulation and call Power Source Electrics on 0433 363 675 immediately.

Ground Fault

If it isn't an overload or short circuit that caused the circuit breaker to trip, it could be that a hot wire has touched the ground wire or the metal outlet box.

For circuit breaker trip faults or for any other electrical needs, call your local Bomaderry electrician Michael on 0433 363 675.