Nowra Electricians Blog: Ceiling Fan Installations

Never underestimate the power of a ceiling fan! Power Source Electrics install hundreds of ceiling fans when coming into the warmer months. Ceiling fans can make a huge difference in the temperatures of your living areas or bedrooms. They also use a small amount of electricity so are definitely a more economical option than air conditioners.

Here are some tips when looking at ceiling fan installation:

  • Determine where the ceiling fan is going to be installed. Usually they are placed in the centre of a room and will replace an existing light fixture. If there isn't a fixture to replace, a new circuit will need to be installed.
  • You need to take into account blade clearance. Most fans will sit 7-10 inches below the ceiling.
  • Something you would have read in our previous blogs - always read the manufacturer's instructions!
  • Check that the junction box is going to be strong enough to carry the weight of the ceiling fan

If you require ceiling fan installations, please call your local Nowra Electrician Michael on 0433 363 675.