Winston Hills Electricians Blog: Changing a Power Point

While we stress the importance of having your electrical work done by our licensed Winston Hills Electricians, we believe it's beneficial that you understand some of the basics so that you can feel more confident that any electrical work you have done is being done correctly.

Installing or replacing a power point

The standard power point in Sydney is a 3 pin earthed outlet rated at 10 amps with a 240 volt plug and socket system. It should have three thin wires which must be stripped to expose their copper section.Once stripped, insert each wire into its corresponding contact point. The active wire is either brown or red. As you insert the active wire, be sure to hold it steady as you tighten the screw. Be careful not to over-tighten it as you could damage the wire. You'll need to repeat the process for the neutral wire, which is black or blue. The earth wire is yellow or green and should be done last.

Take out the screw from the main cable holder. There is usually a small plastic piece holding the cable in place. Swing this plastic piece open and put the wire in the holder. Now close the plastic piece and replace the screw.

Any outdated or worn out power points should be replaced because they are a fire hazard. If you require power points to be replaced or installed, contact your local Hills District Electrician Michael on 0433 363 675.